Monday, September 13, 2010

Maybe the Sugar Went to Her Head?

At Kaiser Walnut Creek last Thursday, the purple T-shirt and cupcake distribution center in the cafeteria was patrolled by a number of out-of-state visitors--reportedly from as far away as New York, New Jersey and Colorado. The Coloradan seemingly in charge was Ms. Stephanie Felix, who is on loan from SEIU Local 5.

Her message of the day, to someone who approached the SEIU dis-information table, was that NUHW was planning a home-visiting blitz. All 2,000 of its staff and supporters, she said, would soon be knocking on the doors of Kaiser workers at home this past Saturday and Sunday and on into this week when the ballots go out.

NUHW? Don't you mean SEIU?

Walnut Creek workers say Stephanie has been in town for a least a month or so. So we can't attribute this bit of campaign strategy confusion to jet-lag. If Stephanie is sighted on anyone's door step in the next few days, bearing cupcakes with purple icing, one thing is certain: NUHW did not send her!