Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hector the Inspector

It's become quite clear that SEIU has chosen some real standout staffers to try to recruit votes at Kaiser facilities. Along with Jake the iPhone Stalker from Chicago and Brian "the Morning Masturbator" from Portland, there's Hector Abreu from New York, aka "Hector the Inspector."

Hector, a staffer from SEIU Local 32BJ, was sent to Kaiser Santa Rosa for two months to recruit votes for SEIU. By all accounts, Hector is not doing so well.

In fact, workers report that a huge super-majority of workers at Santa Rosa are voting for NUHW. Perhaps this has something to do with Hector's volatile character, which swings from bullying and intimidation to sexual harassment and slime.

Apparently, Hector has made a real name for himself by telling Kaiser employees that he has a real fondness for "juicy women" and by trying to invite numerous female workers out on dinner dates. I guess this is what happens at SEIU, where everyone from trustees to TruCorps sees members as a dues base and dating pool. (Right, Dave?).