Monday, September 13, 2010

From Knocking on Doors to Count Heads to Knocking on Doors to Knock Heads for SEIU?

Apparently, SEIU is so desperate that they've hired U.S. Census workers from Baltimore and flown them across the country to knock on Kaiser workers' doors! How much dues money did that cost? And what do Census workers know about the health care industry?

Check out the email below:

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Subject: Baltimore census workers in CA to work for SEIU
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 02:22:55 -0400
From: Bill

My neighbor, a recently laid off census worker here in Baltimore,
was recruited to go to CA to work for SEIU in the election against NUHW.
She decided not to go, but she tells me that last Thursday, Sept. 9,
several of her former co-workers left for CA for a 10 day stint with SEIU.

Isn't this an indication of a measure of desperation on SEIU's part?
And how is it that SEIU had an inside track to census workers all the
way across the country?