Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Your Zombie: Erika Minkowsky

Erika is a TruCorps staffer currently assigned to Kaiser San Jose, though she appears to have gotten her start in faux-unionism at the former SEIU 790.

Not only is Erika a Zombie, she is a blogger! You know how TASTY loves staff blogs and videos! Erika was blogging here--in a contest to win trips around the world. (Erika-Tasty knows what a pain in the ass spell check and grammar can be--but when entering a contest you should re-read your work! And use capital letters and shit.) Anywho, there are some real gems in this blog. For example this profound statement: .

"I am a positive face of the united states because i represent peace and what it really means to share and respect all that i see and experience."

Hmmm...That's not how Kaiser workers see Erika. Here are some of the things Tasty has heard about Erika:

  • "Sometimes Erika breaks the law by intimidating workers, telling them they'll lose their contract if they support NUHW".
  • At other times she uses what she thinks are her physical charms to entice the support of male members. Recently, the elevator door on the 4th Floor opened to reveal PT mobility worker and Erika. Erika scrambled out blushing. "When she was gone, the PT mobility worker, who was terrified and white-as-a-sheet, mind you, said, 'Damn, and I though Doug Jones (SEIU Rep) was pushy.'"
  • On Thursday, Erika colluded with EVS management to target NUHW supporter John Gott for discipline. " John had been proudly wearing his NUHW t-shirt. That was just too much for Erika to tolerate on the day Kaiser members began casting their votes here in San Jose. Erika ratted John out to his boss, telling the boss that John was in violation of the EVS department's dress-code."
In one fell-swoop, Erika "Kapo" Minkowsky managed to:
1) get Kaiser to help her campaign for SEIU by trying and failing to hide the Red-Tide that's surging in EVS, and
2) violate the Union's legal obligations under Duty of Fair Representation (DFR).!

All in a day's work for a Zombie!

And some members note that Erika likes to brag about the time she's spent in Latin America. They report that her Spanish is fairly on point grammatically--but her accent is painful to listen to. Might Tasty suggest more Spanish lessons and less GETTING MEMBERS DISCIPLINED?