Thursday, September 9, 2010

Great Work, Way to Organize the Un-Organized, Dave and Co.

From the Zombie's own press release:

Caregivers at Driftwood Healthcare Center Overwhelmingly Vote To Join SEIU-UHW

In a major election victory, workers at Driftwood Healthcare Center Nursing Home have overwhelmingly voted to join SEIU-UHW. The Santa Cruz nursing home is the first newly organized facility to join SEIU-UHW since our trusteeship in January 2009.

"I voted for SEIU-UHW so my family can have the benefits of a better life" said Charity Bagwell, a CNA at the Santa Cruz facility.

The Grancare/Mariner owned facility stood as the only northern California nursing home in the chain that was not apart of SEIU-UHW or in it's master contract. United in SEIU-UHW, workers at the ten other Grancare/Mariner homes have secured a master-contract that provides workers with job security, protection against layoffs, safer staffing, and better wages and benefits.


This is hilarious. The contract, and the neutrality agreement that helped the workers join UHW, they refer to in the email was something the old leadership team bargained and had to fight for--because the folks at SEIU and Tyrone Freeman would have preferred giving up the "master contract" in a second! Template agreement forever! Now, they are proud of it! They will just say whatever works at the time.

And really? This is the first thing they have put in the union since January of 2009? They have lost 6000 members to decerts and another 1400 to layoffs at Kaiser and this is what they have to show for it? Oh man.

And look Tasty makes some typos, but I think they mean to say "...that was not a part of SEIU-UHW or in it's master contract." not "...that was not apart of SEIU-UHW or in it's master contract." They actually mean the opposite--great work again to the SEIU UHW communications department.