Saturday, September 11, 2010

An SEIU Organizer calls out SEIU on the Lies, Lies, Lies...

Now even SEIU staffers are objecting to the lies that SEIU is telling Kaiser workers. This email was forwarded to Tasty--this confirms what we all knew was going on in SEIU, but it sure is nice to see it in writing.

Next time, Concerned Organizer: Join the thousands of former SEIU staff and members who are brave enough and proud enough to share their names! We'll be here for ya!


From: U T <>
Sent: Tue Sep 07 23:28:56 2010
Subject: To my SEIU colleagues

To my colleagues at SEIU in California,

This is my first job in the labor movement. I wanted to work for a union like SEIU because I thought it would be a place where I could fight for working people. But today, now that I've been in California long enough to understand what's going on, I've decided to publicly say what many other organizers I know have said privately: this is an assignment we do not believe in.

Some of us came to California reluctantly, but were assured that what SEIU is doing here is good. Instead what I've seen here is that many members do not want to be in SEIU. Many of them have very clear reasons about why they want to be in NUHW, and they're familiar with the arguments on both sides.

Meanwhile, SEIU leaders have told us to deliberately misinform Kaiser workers. We tell workers they're going to lose all of their wages and benefits if they vote for NUHW and that NUHW leaders "stole" millions of dollars from the union -- even though a little bit of research shows that both of these claims are untrue.

Recently, we were given a "rap" about the Kaiser national agreement that instructs us to keep telling workers they'll lose their wages, benefits and bonuses if they join NUHW -- even though the NLRB just ruled the opposite. Basically, we're being told to lie to workers.

When I expressed concern about this, my supervisor told me that a refusal to accept this assignment would be considered a resignation. Period. I really can't afford to lose my job right now, but I know I didn’t join the labor movement to lie to workers.

If SEIU can win this election fair and square, then so be it. But getting into bed with the boss, and manipulating workers into voting for you is something very different. I came to work for SEIU because I believe this country needs strong unions to defend working people. But how strong is the union we’re building today at SEIU? Trying to build a union with lies is like trying to build a house from sand. Soon it will crumble.

I know there are others who feel the same. If you agree with us let me know.

Let’s do what’s right.


A concerned organizer