Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Creep Coming Soon to a Door at Your House...

Tasty hears the SEIU is restarting their housevisit program (afraid you don't have enough votes, purple?)

Maybe Brian Feist will come back! He is a Tru Corps staffer with a little remorse...and, he is a poet.

He has a blog.

With Poetry.

Does SEIU care even a little about the staff they hire to go to their members homes?

Check out Tasty's favorite:

Why is the World Afraid to Masturbate in the Morning

The day breaks
the dawn’s sweet smell succumbs
to sweat, and sex, and semen
before the rooster crows
during the rooster crow
after the rooster crows
I too crow
in my bed, in my hand
joyous, relaxed, serene
my day begins

Should be a big hit with those of you with children.