Friday, September 10, 2010


Today, five SEIU-UHW Shop Stewards at Kaiser Regional Lab in N Cal announced they're supporting NUHW in next week's election. Check out their letter to co-workers:

"We, the majority of the Kaiser Regional Lab Stewards Council, have had enough. We are tired of a union which takes our dues and provides little or nothing in return. We are disgusted by SEIU's repeated attempts to manipulate us. We will not tolerate being disrespected anymore. Now is our opportunity for change. We need to take our union back. We will be voting for NUHW. We strongly urge you to vote NUHW too.

Alan Gomez, Histology Tech I
Joann Carpio, Lead Lab Asst IV
Larry Ratto, Lab Assistant III
Michelle Nakapalau, Lab Assistant III
Fred Manuel, Lab Support Specialist