Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jake Decker, The i-Phone Stalker

Kaiser South San Francisco has an "organizer" named Jake Decker. Jake is a failed regional coordinator for "Change that Works" the SEIU front group that was supposed to organize in swing states for EFCA and Public Option Healthcare Legislation. (Great work on that, btw.) Tasty hears from some past Change that Works staff that Jake was a particular failure in his role...

And what do they do with failures at SEIU? They send 'em to clean up Stern's mess in California!

Sadly for SEIU Jake has no skillz...but he does have an i-phone! In fact, when he runs into a Kaiser workers he demands their emplyee ID, calls up their info on his phone and calculates what their raises would be under the SEIU contract (or not for those who are laid off...). Beyond that he pulls up the home address and personal information of each member!

Additionaly, Tasty hears that he stares at female Kaiser leaders, taking pictures, staring at them in the break room, following them through the hallways...Intimidation much? Tasty guesses that is easier than actually dealing with the issues and organizing workers! doesn't sound like someone you want having your home address.