Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The FBI is Hot On Andy Stern's Trail!

Why won't Andy Stern just go away? Because the FBI won't let him! That's right, boys and girls, according to the Associated Press, the FBI is investigating Andy Stern...Why?

  • Remember now disgraced and "retired" Annelle Grajeda's boyfriend the now disgraced and jailed Alejandro Stevens? Well, the FBI suspects that Stern knew that Alejandro was getting paid off by the union for a no-show assignment, as well as keeping his job working for the local government.

  • And remember Stern's book "A Country that Works?" According to the AP: "One person who spoke to federal agents twice, in May and June, said they asked about a 2006 contract in which Stern received a $175,000 advance from Simon & Schuster to write the book "A Country That Works." The SEIU and its locals bought thousands of copies of the book after it was published. The union also paid thousands to fact-check and promote the book, but Stern pocketed the advance."

Makes the abrupt resignation make a little more sense, huh?