Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NUHW IS BACK IN THE GAME! 1500 Kaiser Workers Choose NUHW

Despite an intense campaign by the Kaiser and SEIU against NUHW (though what's the difference between those two these days?) and the larger Kaiser unit choosing SEIU, Kaiser Optical and IBHS (psych) workers joined NUHW :

Here are the totals:

IBHS: 3 to 1!

SEIU: 196
NUHW: 603
No Union: 0

Kaiser Optical:

SEIU: 142
NUHW: 154
No Union: 0

Nor Cal Social Workers:

SEIU: 148
NUHW: 139
No union: 2

As far as SEIU's last-ditch attempt to block the ballot count, here's some coverage in a local newspaper.

Congrats to all!