Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, right! What About the Marshall Report?

'Member when SEIU held that ridiculous "trusteeship hearing" and Stern's pal Ray Marshall wrote that report that essentially said that UHW and it's leaders had done nothing wrong but SEIU should trustee them if they didn't agree to hand over the Long Term care members to Tyrone's local?

And they trusteed UHW?

So, are we about to transfer those members to 6434 now that Laphonza is running the show? Nope. Not happening.

This e-board member is not amused, see his letter below.


November 17, 2010


560 Thomas L Berkley Way

Oakland, CA 94612

Attention: Membership Department

Dear Trustee Dave Regan:

I was informed today that the homecare workers still have not been moved to a California long term care local as demanded by Andy Stern and the IEB in January 2009. Secretary Ray Marshall’s report was very specific that the trusteeship was only warranted if UHW did not follow the IEB’s demand to move the homecare workers to the new statewide homecare local. I assume that though Tyrone Freeman was forced to resign due to criminal financial dealings, SEIU still had plans to create this groundbreaking homecare statewide local. As you well know as a member of the IEB, this destructive action against the member led UHW went against SEIU’s national plan for the rest of the country. In all other states, SEIU was combining all healthcare workers into mega locals creating even multi-state locals. Since we, the member elected UHW Executive Board, refused to follow this obvious attack on our local, UHW was put into trusteeship.

I have waited over 1½ years to see if you will follow the orders of the IEB but I was notified today that the homecare workers are still members of UHW. Furthermore, you are proposing in the new UHW Constitution that the Executive Board be greatly expanded including increased homecare representation. I’m sure you will have no difficulty cherry picking homecare workers to fill those spots. My experience on the Board was it was difficult to find homecare workers willing and able to commit the time necessary to be an Executive Board member. I’m sure you will have no trouble cherry picking homecare workers to fill these vastly enlarged representative seats.

Your actions and the actions of SEIU’s IEB destroyed what was once a very vibrant politically active member driven local. I spent many days lobbying for healthcare reform, safe staffing bills, and other issues in Sacramento as well as phone banking at each election cycle. I engaged the members of my hospital in these efforts. During the most recent election cycle, I saw no political activity at my hospital, no phone banking requests or phone calls to my home, or any other activity to engage union members in this important election.

Sadly, I hereby resign my membership effective. I further am qualifying under the Beck objection and wish to “only pay a fair share fee limited to his or her proportionate share of the Union’s expenditures for collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance adjustment, contract enforcement and other activities germane to the Union’s dues as bargaining representative (called “representative activities”). I expect that any activities related to fighting NUHW is not considered part of this representative activity fee and further object to use of any of this fee for these purposes.


Anthony Aidukas

Former SEIU-UHW Executive Board member


Palm Springs, CA xxxxx

xxx xxx xxx

Desert Regional Medical Center/Tenet