Monday, January 3, 2011

Dysfunction in your stocking!

Wanna get a taste of the dysfunction inside SEIU? Check out this tale of Christmas woe...

In Southern California, SEIU Local 121 announced a 5-day strike against two HCA hospitals beginning on December 23. At the hospitals, Local 121 represents the Registered Nurses while trusteed SEIU-UHW represents the rest of the workers.

Just before the strike, Local 121's website gushed with excitement as it announced that the local had received "strike sanction" from the area's central labor councils. Local 121's website proudly explained: "Strike sanction” means that LA Federation of Labor and Central Labor Council of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties member unions will not cross our picket line. Many delivery drivers, electricians, repairmen and others will not serve Riverside Community Hospital or West Hills Hospital & Medical Center during our strike.

Well, even though SoCal's electricians and delivery drivers honored the strike, SEIU-UHW's trustees told that local's members to cross Local 121's picket lines and to report to work.

Incredible, right?

So what does it mean when unions of electricians and delivery drivers show greater coordination and solidarity than SEIU's own locals? Let's just say it's a reflection of the disastrous dysfunction that reigns inside SEIU. What's especially crazy is that SEIU's DC officials have appointed the leaders of virtually every SEIU local in California (either thru trusteeships or mega-mergers), meaning that the dysfunction runs deep inside the Purple Palace. Instead of industry-wide coordination, SEIU is a showcase for gratuitous scabbing of one SEIU local against another. Not a pretty sight.