Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another SEIU President Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

'Member NAGE?

It's an SEIU affiliated union based in Boston. It's leader, Dave Holway, has long been criticized by his members for his big money, horse breeding, flashy ways. Holway is an SEIU Vice President and serves on the SEIU International Executive Board. Last year, Holway earned $270,000 for leading NAGE's 43,000 members. Aside from his love for horse racing, Holway is also known for striking up a romantic relationship with SEIU staffer Susana Segat, who was appointed the trustee of SEIU Local 888 in Massachusetts.

And Dave isn't the only one in NAGE who likes being bankrolled by his members. The president of a NAGE local in Missouri pleaded guilty to improperly writing more than 104 checks to himself or his grandson. Over the years Garold Lawson embezzled more than $70,000--a big chunk of the funds for a local union with only a couple hundred members.