Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another IEB Member Bites the Dust

Looks like another member of SEIU's International Executive Board has gotten the axe. This time it's John Tanner, the Executive Director of SEIU Local 721 in California.

Tanner replaced Annelle Grajeda atop Local 721 after she bit the dust in multiple corruption scandals, including the one where she was named a "co-schemer" in the embezzlement scandal that landed Alejandro Stephens in jail.

Well, according to the memo below, Local 721's Executive Board recently voted to terminate Tanner's contract and placed him on "administrative leave"... kinda like when Scott Courtney placed Stephen Lerner on administrative leave for "insubordination." (Wonder how much Stephen and John get paid while sitting at home or going to the movies??). Check out the "all staff" memo below:

From: Christina Rodriguez

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 4:27 PM
To: 721AllStaff
Cc: Linda Dent; Bob Schoonover
Subject: Important Message for All Staff
From the desk of Bob Schoonover & Linda Dent

Dear Staff,

This is to recap this afternoon's staff meeting. Linda and I informed John Tanner that the Board voted not to extend his contract and that he will be placed on administrative leave until the next Executive Board meeting on Wednesday, February 9.

We wish John well as he embarks on a new chapter in his life and will work closely with staff to ensure campaigns and our important work continue to move forward.

In the interim I will convene the senior staff and work closely with each member of the team. While I know this may raise some questions, we are fully committed to our campaigns already underway and will fill key positions as soon as possible.

I appreciate every staff member’s hard work and personally commit to a smooth and positive transition. We have so much important work ahead of us: elected committed local leaders who will support our members’ retirement and fight privatization of services, organizing new members into our union and helping pass a state budget that gets California moving forward again.

Please feel free to talk to me or your supervisor about any questions you have.

In solidarity,

Bob Schoonover

Linda Dent