Monday, February 7, 2011

721's Coup: Someone was at the Reddy!

...more on the drama at SEIU 721.

Raahi Reddy, the former Chief of Staff at 721 (and Organizing Director at the legacy local 715), called certain Executive Board members and Senior Staff into a room at the local and planned the coup that left her with Tanner's job of Executive Director--only hours before it all went down.

Reddy was either sure that Tanner did something very wrong, or this was a very hostile power grab--because apparently, Tanner had no idea it was coming. He went to work like on any other day and was met by union officials who let him collect some personal belongings, took his keys, and then escorted him off the property. Seems a bit different than, "The board has decided not to renew your contract..."

This seems like a questionable move by the 721 leaders, since Raahi organized exactly 0 members in the years that she was running the organizing program at 715. Another great leader! Congrats 721 members!