Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sophia Sims Sues UHW!

As readers know, Sophia Sims is running for the position of President against Dave Regan in UHW's first post-trusteeship leadership elections.

Sophia has alleged that Dave and Co. (aka the MUST slate) used UHW resources inappropriately for their election campaign. (Tasty LOVES the name of their slate. MUST. Like, you MUST have us as your leaders, UHW. 'Cuz Mary Kay Henry and Andy Stern said you MUST.) Sims' allegations were denied by the "impartial" SEIU election officer assigned by Mary Kay.
But, according to the "Path to Perfection" website, Sophia's slate doesn't buy it, and neither does Tasty. So Sophia is suing UHW! Check out the filing with the State of California and stay tuned.