Monday, July 23, 2012

Is SEIU-UHW's Leon Chow in Hiding?

Is Leon hiding in his condo closet?

Leon Chow -- a top SEIU-UHW official who’s a candidate for San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors -- is officially in hiding.

Eleven days ago, the San Francisco Appeal printed this article detailing apparent fraudulent voting and other felonies committed by Chow. One day later, Chow began interviewing criminal defense lawyers, according to a source inside SEIU, and was more nervous than a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Two days later, Chow’s handlers cancelled the "kickoff event" for his election campaign.

Next, Leon’s campaign website -- -- suddenly disappeared from the worldwide web! 

Here’s what Chow’s website used to look like:

And here’s what it looks like today:

Apparently, all of these developments took place after Dave Regan held a series of tension-filled meetings with legions of SEIU's lawyers, campaign consultants and deep-pocketed business executives.

Despite the fact that Chow is officially “toast,” a source reports that Regan recently held a conference call during which he pledged to continue his efforts to unseat Supervisor John Avalos, whom Chow was supposed to challenge in San Francisco’s November elections. Avalos is the incumbent supervisor who’s supported by the city’s progressive movement and virtually all of its unions… except for SEIU-UHW, which is closely wedded to the Chamber of Commerce.

So what’s next on Dave Regan’s list of “genius” moves? Tasty expects he’s frantically searching under his purple couch for another “puppet” candidate to fraudulently foist on San Francisco voters. And if that doesn’t work, perhaps Regan my simply ask his new partner, CEO Duane Dauner of the California Hospital Association, to run against Avalos.

Whatever the case, Tasty hears that Regan’s latest electoral disaster will undoubtedly spark new financial concerns among SEIU-UHW’s members. They recently saw Regan flush an estimated $5.5 million down the toilet in his failed campaign to place two flawed initiatives on the California ballot.

And during his Chow-gate scandal, “Diamond Dave” reportedly poured wheel-barrows of union members’ money into Chow’s failed candidacy, including funds for campaign consultants, opinion polls, offices, websites, campaign staff, etc. 

Now that Leon has completed his felonious faceplant, Regan may try to use SEIU-UHW members’ dues money to hire criminal defense lawyers for Leon, which would be a massive misappropriation of members’ money.

But hey… don’t put such violations past Dangerous Dave. In 2008, an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor revealed that Regan had illegally funneled thousands of dollars of union members’ dues money into a union election in Nevada.

Stay tuned!