Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SEIU-UHW's Leon Chow in Media Spotlight... Soon!

Sources tell Tasty that a journalist has uncovered some revealing information about Leon Chow that promises to spark controvery in San Francisco's political world. Tasty hears an article containing the journalist's findings will be published in the next 24 hours.

Leon Chow is a top official at SEIU-UHW who's attempting to unseat John Avalos, one of the most progressive members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors. Chow's campaign -- which is being bankrolled by downtown business interests and SEIU-UHW -- is reportedly a central part of a strategy by Dave Regan and his business allies to dramatically alter the balance of power on San Francisco's Board of Supervisors by unseating progressives and replacing them with business-backed candidates.

As readers might imagine, Chow's candidacy has already sparked tons of controversy in San Francisco... and even inside SEIU. Tasty earlier reported on this internal email authored by officials at SEIU Local 1021, including former S.F. Supervisor Chris Daly. Local 1021 represents thousands of San Francisco's public employees. In the email, circulated last month, officials at Local 1021 described the harmful role that SEIU-UHW is playing in San Francisco's politics:
UHW’s political alliance with San Francisco business interests through the Alliance for Jobs has not just been an issue for Labor, it has been a problem for the entire progressive community. Since UHW’s trusteeship, victories for progressives in San Francisco have been few and far between. We don’t think that this timing is a coincidence. With Labor united, we face a very tough fight against downtown interests. With the City’s largest local on the other side, we stand hardly a chance.
Of course, Chow's business-funded campaign to unseat Sup. John Avalos is just the latest effort by the unholy alliance between SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan and his Big Business buddies. Fortunately, Tasty hears that a journalist has uncovered revealing details about Chow. Stay tuned! If Tasty's sources are right, the story should hit the streets in the next 24 hours.