Thursday, August 23, 2012

Labor Board: SEIU Trampled on Workers' Rights in Fresno Election for 10,000 Workers

Earlier this week, the California Public Employment Relations Board issued a formal complaint against Dave Regan's SEIU-UHW for committing a shocking list of abuses against workers during a decertification election among 10,000 homecare workers in Fresno in 2009. The board's action may ultimately lead to the overturn the election results, which gave SEIU a narrow victory over NUHW by just 233 votes.

Check out this 2-minute TV news story that aired yesterday. It has stunning footage of SEIU's Dave Regan and Fresno's homecare workers.


In the labor board's complaint issued earlier this week, the government agency states that Regan's SEIU-UHW violated multiple provisions of labor law by, among other things, kicking in workers' doors, "threatening to physically assault" homecare workers who favored NUHW, taking workers' ballots, lying to workers, and other "abusive behavior."

Below, Tasty pasted a full copy of the labor board's complaint against SEIU. Here's an excerpt, which reads like a criminal indictment.

During the election campaign, Respondent's agents interfered with balloting by approaching bargaining unit members at their homes, demanding that the bargaining unit member vote his or her secret ballot "on the spot" in the presence of Respondent's agent, and demanded that the bargaining unit member hand over to Respondent's agent the marked ballot, or alternatively that the bargaining unit member proceed immediately to a postal facility to mail the ballot. When the bargaining unit member traveled to a postal facility, Respondent's agent followed.

During the election campaign, Respondent's agents engaged in physical and verbal threats, and menacing and abusive behavior including: (l) kicking in a bargaining unit member's screen door to remove Charging Party's sign and replace it with Respondent's sign; (2) "shouting down" bargaining unit members; and (3) threatening to physically assault Charging Party's supporters in the presence of bargaining unit members.

During the election campaign, Respondent's agents engaged in the unlawful destruction and removal of voters' personal property including: (l) tearing down and defacing pro-Charging Party signs and literature on the private property of bargaining unit members; and (2) pointing and yelling at a bargaining unit member to take down a sticker in support of Charging Party.

During the election campaign, Respondent's agents engaged in campaign misrepresentations by falsely telling bargaining unit members that, as a consequence of voting for Charging Party, they would: (l) lose their health insurance; (2) lose their place on the Kaiser Health Plan waiting list; (3) have their wages reduced to $8.00 an hour; and/or (4) lose their jobs entirely.

Mary Kay Henry, Eliseo Medina, Dave Regan and Gerry Hudson were in Fresno for the election in 2009
Here's a link to NUHW's press release. Finally, here's the full complaint issued by the labor board:
Labor Board's Complaint against SEIU-UHW for Intimidating Workers in Fresno Homecare Election - Issued 8-20-12