Sunday, August 26, 2012

SEIU Campaigner: "It was so despicable and unethical... I am sorry"

Tasty received the following email after he posted news about the labor board's recent complaint against SEIU for violating homecare workers' rights during a decertification election among 10,000 workers in Fresno County, California.

Interestingly, the email identifies specific SEIU staffers who directed SEIU's 1,000 staffers to carry out the abuses against homecare workers. Who are they? Rebecca Malberg, Debbie Schneider and Greg Pullman.

Here's the email:
hi tasty,i am ashamed to say that i campaigned for seiu-uhw in fresno in 2009, and seiu-uhw staff - led by rebecca malberg, debbie schneider, greg pullman instructed other locals' staff and members to lie to fresno homecare workers.  we told them they would lose their benefits if they voted for nuhw.  We told them they would lose everything - their retirement, their health insurance, their voice.  it was so despicable, and unethical.  seiu-uhw "leaders" lied not only to the fresno workers, but the hundreds of rank and file leaders and staff from locals around the country who were organized or were dispatched to help.
we stalked these fresno homecare workers for weeks... it was sickening, and i am sorry to have participated in such an illegal act of bullying and lies.