Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Judge Schedules Criminal Trial for SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman

SEIU's Tyrone Freeman, Monica Russo

Here’s a court document along with the latest news on the feds’ indictment of Tyrone Freeman on 15 criminal counts that could land him in jail for up to 200 years. Charges include embezzlement, theft of labor union assets, mail fraud, false tax returns and false statements.

On September 24, Freeman was arraigned and then "released on bond pending trial." Then, in October, Freeman famously got the judge’s permission to travel to a golf club for two days to sell multi-vitamins.

Last month, Freeman's attorneys asked the judge to delay the start of his trial until January 8. Why? Freeman's attorneys say they need more time to read through "approximately 90,000 pages" of documents that U.S. prosecutors handed over to Freeman's attorneys during the pre-trial “discovery” process.

According to the court document below, these records include...

written reports, memorandums of interviews, union records, business records, bank records, tax records, electronic mail messages, information on computers and cellular telephones, as well as roughly 900,000 electronic files on hard drives.

And that's not all. Federal prosecutors are apparently planning to produce even more documents.

Tasty bets dollars to donuts that these mountains of records will include interesting info about a plethora of Purple Palace officials like Andy Stern, Mary Kay Henry, Dave Regan, Eliseo Medina, Anna Burger and others. In fact, in August, the U.S. Attorneys Office hinted at possible legal actions against other SEIU officials, who reportedly allowed Freeman to steal millions of dollars from SEIU's low-wage homecare workers.   

What's next?

The judge will hold a "status conference" with federal prosecutors and Freeman's attorneys on December 17 at 11:00am in a Los Angeles courtroom.

On January 8, 2013 at 8:00am, Freeman is scheduled to appear at the Federal Courthouse (Courtroom 680) in downtown Los Angeles on 255 E. Temple Street -- for the possible start of Freeman's criminal trial.

Stay tuned! Tasty will be posting more news connected to Freeman and the trial.