Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Worker's Advice: Keep SEIU-UHW's Stan Lyles out of Your Stockings

As visions of sugar plums dance through the heads of holiday revelers, workers tell Tasty that a very different image is pulsing through the brains of SEIU-UHW's top officials.

This alternative vision also involves stockings... but, um, the kind you'd see in a Victoria's Secret catalog. According to workers, SEIU's end-of-year parties have further stimulated the already hefty hormonal production of SEIU-UHW's president and vice president, Dave Regan and Stan Lyles

Regan's extra-marital escapades with union members and staffers are already well-known. But hey... don't sell Stan short. Lyles appears to be equally hormonally turbo-charged. And he's constantly on the prowl, say workers.

Check out this FaceBook post from a rank-and-file SEIU-UHW member, who offers the following warning about Lyles: "Ladies, watch your panties." (Tasty has blanked out the worker's name to protect her identity. Click on image to enlarge it.)

And that's not all. A former female staffer at SEIU-UHW describes the following frightening scene:  During an SEIU-UHW staff meeting -- where Lyles was supposed to be paying attention to the discussion -- the staffer suddenly felt a buzzing from her cellphone and pulled it out to reveal a text message from Lyles, who was sitting across the room from her: "U look really nice in that blouse. mmm."

This, my friends, is what happens when purple princelings are permitted to prance around the Purple Palace like some sort of imperial occupiers... madly stuffing $300,000-per-year salaries into their pockets, cutting backroom deals with bosses to slash and burn workers' pensions and health benefits, and preying on the very workers whom they're supposed to serve.