Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More News on Jail Term for SEIU's Tyrone Freeman

Tyrone Freeman and Monica Russo

Here's yet another news story -- this one courtesy of BNA's "Daily Labor Report"-- that has more details about Tyrone Freeman's sentencing.

The article also features revealing comments by Kim Evon, an SEIU official who apparently has migrated from Rhode Island to become the Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU Local 6434 in Los Angeles (anything is possible in SEIU!).

In the article, Evon goes out of her way to not whisper a single iota of criticism of Tyrone Freeman, who robbed Local 6434's members blind. Hmmm... wonder if Evon was one of the SEIU officials who spent multiple liquor-filled evenings in the Beverly Hills cigar club with Freeman.

B/t/w, Tasty will soon reveal info about more SEIU fatcats who spent extravagant dues-funded fun fests at the cigar club with Tyrone.

Here's an excerpt from the BNA article. The full piece is below.

In a statement provided to Bloomberg BNA, ULTCW Secretary-Treasurer Kimberly Evon said the sentencing brings to a close ‘‘an unfortunate time’’ for the union.

‘‘However, throughout this entire process the members of ULTCW chose not to focus on the past, but rather on the future and the opportunities before us to bring dignity to all who call California home,’’ Evon said…

Meanwhile, an official of the National Union of Healthcare Workers welcomed Freeman’s sentencing. NUHW was created by former leaders of an SEIU local who were forced out after refusing an order by then- SEIU President Andy Stern to move 65,000 long-term care workers, nearly half of their membership, to Freeman’s local (17 DLR A-17, 1/29/09).

NUHW Secretary-Treasurer John Borsos told Bloomberg BNA Oct. 7 that there has been a ‘‘culture of corruption’’ within SEIU, created by Stern, which has not changed.

‘‘People in SEIU’s leadership knew there was something wrong in the local for years and did nothing about it,’’ Borsos charged.

Borsos said it will be interesting to see whether the sentencing ends the federal government’s investigation, or becomes ‘‘the foundation for a continuing investigation’’ into other SEIU officials who knew about Freeman’s activities and did nothing.