Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SEIU-UHW Members Launch Boycott after Dave Regan's Massive Dues Hike

As Dave Regan busily counts millions of dollars of extra dues payments now pouring into SEIU-UHW’s headquarters, the union’s members are actively organizing a boycott of SEIU-UHW’s upcoming annual leadership conference to protest Regan’s massive dues hike.

The dues hike, implemented last month amidst reports of a rigged SEIU election, boosts members’ top dues rate by 50% from $84 to $124 per month.

Here’s what Tasty’s source says:

SEIU-UHW is holding a leadership conference in Sacramento in November. UHW has had a hard time convincing members to attend because of the dues increase. At several hospitals there are currently attempts bring forth decertifications. The UHW membership department has been dealing with a lot of irate UHW members with regards to the dues increase. Membership department trying to tell members "it is tax deductible…”

There is talk of a boycott of the leadership assembly. As a result, UHW trying to convince homecare workers to attend in order to meet attendance goals. Focus going to be placed on homecare. Many homecare workers see attendance as a "mini-vacation" because UHW pays for hotel, travel, food, and sometimes others in family. Easy to convince. UHW is having a hard time convincing many of the Kaiser members to participate.

According to Tasty’s source, Regan is at least 1,000 sign-ups short of the goal for the conference... with just two days left before the deadline. 

So far, the largest contingent signed up for the conference is SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board. Meanwhile, many more members are joining the "Dump Dave" movement!