Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan Uses Kangaroo Court to Eliminate Rival from Election

As Dave Regan prepares for an upcoming election to choose SEIU-UHW’s next president, a kangaroo court appointed by Regan has banned his main rival from competing in the election!

Here’s what happened.

Last July, Tasty posted a letter sent by SEIU-UHW Vice President Stan Lyles to Sophia Sims. Sims is a rank-and-file member at Kaiser Permanente who came within several thousand votes of defeating Regan during the union's officer elections in 2011.

In the letter, Lyles announced that Sims would face a “trial” by an SEIU-UHW “Trial Body" for allegedly committing "gross disloyalty or conduct unbecoming a member.”

At the time, Tasty speculated that the "trial" was simply one of Regan’s dirty tricks aimed at knocking his challenger off the ballot.

Well… that’s exactly what happened.

Regan’s kangaroo court found Sims “guilty” and then banned her from competing in SEIU-UHW’s elections for seven years! That’s right… seven years, which conveniently bans her from two election cycles.

Below, Tasty has posted a letter received by another union member who was also subjected to a purple witch hunt. Regan’s kangaroo court imposed a seven-year ban on this worker after hearing testimony from just one witness, a union member named Marla Heath.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter that's posted below. (Note: Tasty has replaced the union member's name with “Worker X”).

After the Trial Body Committee voted that Worker X was guilty of the two charges, the Trial Body Committee unanimously voted to impose a seven-year ban on Worker X from obtaining membership in or for running or holding any office in SEIU UHW – West. Accordingly, the Trial Body Committee shall impose a seven-year ban on Worker X from obtaining membership in or for running or holding any office in SEIU UHW – West.

So who was on the so-called "Trial Body"? 

Nine members of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board:  Sandra Caldwell, Martha Cobos, Linda Corkill, Lorie Kocsis, Edward Nickerson, Banji Oyewumi, Joselito “Jake” Quijano, Michelle Ross and Nathaniel Stewart.

SEIU's Bruce Harland
Meanwhile, SEIU’s hack attorney, Bruce Harland, and an incompetent staffer, Keisha Stewart, orchestrated the ridiculous show trial.

So what “crimes” did Sims and Worker X actually commit?

During last year’s NLRB election at Kaiser, they campaigned for NUHW by wearing buttons and t-shirts and handing out leaflets in support of NUHW.

Quite a crime, right?

Leave it to SEIU to punish workers for simply exercising their democratic rights during a government-run election. Regan, in his inimitable style, has now placed purple democracy on trial in the court of public opinion. 

Way to go Dave!