Monday, January 13, 2014

Where is he now? John August

When we last heard about him, John August was busy getting canned from his job as the “Executive Director” of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions for reportedly sexually harassing and abusing staffers... a story that Tasty first detailed on this blog.

So where is he now?

He apparently landed a gig at the labor center at Cornell University as an “Associate Director” of the “Healthcare Transformation Project.”

And WTF does he do?

Most likely, not much. 

According to Tasty’s sources, Cornell’s labor center works hand-in-glove with both Kaiser and SEIU to promote “the partnership.”

As far as Tasty can tell, August’s works consists of attending partnership meetings and peddling so-called “21st century unionism” at boring academic conferences where he searches for fleeting romance among the unfortunate female attendees.

If August steps up his game, he may try to follow the path of Kent Wong. 

Wong works at UCLA’s labor center, where he was so tight with SEIU... that Tyrone Freeman appointed him to serve on the Board of Directors of the Homecare Workers Training Center!

August making a cameo at a conference last month in Boston
For those who don’t remember it, the Homecare Workers Training Center was one of the nonprofit corporations that helped carry out  SEIU’s massive corruption scandal in Los Angeles. 

According to IRS records, Wong sat on the center’s board of directors for at least five years while Freeman diverted thousands and thousands of dollars of funds his mother-in-law’s childcare business. 

So keep your eyes peeled for August at a boring conference near you!