Thursday, February 27, 2014

SEIU-UHW staffer afflicted by foot-in-mouth disease

SEIU-UHW's Sean Wherley

This week’s "Homer Simpson Award" goes to Sean Wherley, a media spokesperson for SEIU-UHW and Dave Regan.

On February 20, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times asked Wherley whether SEIU-UHW is actually sincere about reforming the healthcare industry… or whether it's simply using several statewide ballot initiatives as bargaining chips in SEIU’s secret negotiations with hospital bosses.

Here’s an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times with Wherley’s response:

The association has said the union is using the initiatives as leverage in their negotiations with the state's hospitals around organizing efforts. Sean Wherley, a union spokesman, said the ballot measures were not bargaining chips. "This is purely an effort to rein in runaway healthcare costs in California," he said.

Uhhh… really??

Apparently... Sean “I Never Lie” Wherley is not super skilled at reading news headlines. 

On the same exact day that he was interviewed by the Times (February 20), SEIU Local 49 in Oregon was announcing it had executed SEIU’s latest horse-trading maneuver with the hospital industry. In that deal, SEIU agreed to withdraw its statewide ballot initiatives in exchange for secret "partnership" talks with hospital executives.

And it turns out that Wherley is not simply Internet-challenged, he's also suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's.

At the precise moment that he responded to the LA Times reporter's questions, Wherley somehow forgot that in 2012, Regan did exactly that Wherley is denying! Whoops! And he somehow forgot that Regan, on a recorded conference call, recently stated in very blunt terms that he's trying to do it again in 2014!

So congrats to Wherley, an aspiring comedian, for turning himself and SEIU into the punch lines for the week!