Thursday, February 13, 2014

SEIU-UHW's Next Steps in Wellness Wonderland?

SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan and Fortune 500 companies like WalMart have become the nation's leading proponents of corporate wellness programs.

Where are these invasive programs headed?

Check out a recently released "Special Executive Report" entitled "Handling an Aging and Obese Workforce.”

Here’s how the publisher, Executive Business Briefings, describes the special report (see full text below):
Today's workforce is older and more obese than ever before. And wellness programs that are supposed to tackle these issues simply aren't enough. So how do businesses deal with the increased health and safety risks these employees face?
The company’s pitch goes on:
this fast-read executive report gives you actionable tips and techniques you can use today to deal with older, overweight employees.

           85% of injured workers are overweight: How to help them slim down
           Why workers don't participate in wellness programs - and how to change it
           Incentives: What works, what doesn't and how to incorporate them into a program
Executive Business Briefings promises to give fatcat corporate executives a variety of “actionable tactics and proven strategies” to “handle” their “aging and obese workforces.”

Tasty bets you'll soon find these “actionable tactics” at your nearest SEIU office or Kaiser Permanente's Labor Management Partnership.

Last month, Dave Regan sat side-by-side with Chuck Columbus, the Chief of Kaiser Permanente’s Human Resources Department, and announced that SEIU-UHW members will receive benefit cuts unless they lose weight… which was famously tape-recorded by a source.

Here's the description of "Handling an Aging and Obese Workforce."