Monday, May 26, 2014

Press: Internal Recording Offers Hidden Details about SEIU-UHW’s Sweetheart Deal with the California Hospital Association

It appears that some of the details of Dave Regan’s secret agreement with the California Hospital Association (CHA) are beginning to see the light of day.

Last week, an industry publication reported it obtained a recording of a 50-minute meeting that features SEIU-UHW’s Regan detailing some of the terms of the secret deal.

On May 6th, when Regan and the CHA’s Duane Dauner announced their partnership pact, they slathered press releases with words like "breakthrough" and "historic" … but then they bluntly refused to offer any information about what’s actually in the deal!

Now, with a 50-minute recording in the hands of journalists, we’ll hopefully get some answers.

Here's how the publication, Payers and Providers, describes the recording it obtained:
The terms of the agreement were discussed in detail by SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan with his management staff during a May 6 conference call that took place not long after he and CHA President C. Duane Dauner told members of the media that all but the rough outlines of the pact were confidential. Payers & Providers was furnished with a recording of the 50-minute call.

So… how about it, readers? 

Does someone have a copy of the tape?