Thursday, May 15, 2014

SEIU-UHW's Dave Regan Hunkers Down with Secret Hospital Deal

How bad is Dave Regan’s sell-out deal with the California Hospital Association?

Here's a small hint.

Regan and other SEIU-UHW staffers have refused to show a copy of the deal to the members of SEIU-UHW’s own Executive Board, according to readers.

So… what other details are hidden in Regan's secret deal with the Boss?

A reader forwarded the outline from an earlier draft of the deal. Here are some excerpts along with a few hyperlinked comments from Tasty in brackets.

Articulation of Shared Principles
●  Commitment to reducing cost
 Team Care is Great Care
●  Joint commitment to flexibility at work so as to maximize coordinated and team care
●  Care Team: core unit of organization
 Total Health
●  Total Health Agreement to improve workforce health  [THIS IS Dave Regan’s infamous Wellness Program]
●  Establishment of the Let’s Get Healthy California Education Fund as a 510(c)(4) or 501(c)6)
●  Employee contribution of 5¢/hour on all hours worked [THAT MEANS SEIU will tax its members 5 cents an hour in addition to their union duesjust like SEIU’s Partnership Tax.]
Transform the political economy of healthcare in the State of California
●  Provide stable, predictable, adequate industry funding
●  Provide stable, predictable, appropriate regulatory environment [THAT MEANS… SEIU will team up with corporations to slash safe-staffing laws, patient safety standards, etc. Scary.] 
 Hospital Jobs are Great Jobs
●   Substantially reduce, by agreement, the number of job classifications
●   Achieve flexibility and maximize scope of practice
●   Modest annual pay raise
●   Additional annual bonuses tied to: [NOTE THAT IT SAYS “bonuses,” not “wages.”]
      a.      Quality improvement
      b.      HCAHPS scores
      c.      Overall financial performance of facility and system
      d.      Alignment of incentives between unionized workforce and management.
      e.      Encourage mutual success
      f.      Shared savings model 
●  No Strike