Monday, August 25, 2014

Dave Regan Performs Love Act with CEOs at SEIU-UHW's Exec Board Meeting

SEIU's Dave Regan
Here's the latest on Dave Regan’s secret deal with the California Hospital Association (CHA).

Earlier this month, Regan invited Duane Dauner (the CEO of CHA) and several other execs from California's largest hospital corporations to speak at a meeting of SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board.

The execs -- Duane Dauner, Greg Adams (CEO of Kaiser Permanente Northern California), Wade Rose (Vice President of External and Government Relations for Dignity Health), and Judy Coffin (Dignity’s Vice President and Associate General Counsel) -- participated in a talk-show style "panel discussion" with Regan during the meeting.

As Regan sat onstage with his panelists, a handful of SEIU-UHW members lobbed scripted softball questions to the execs like: "What's your background?” and "What's the proudest and most
CHA's Duane Dauner
memorable moment in your career?"

Next, Regan let the Bosses preach to the assembled workers. "It's time for everyone to sacrifice," said the Bosses. Kaiser's Greg Adams reportedly told the group:
Healthcare costs are too high. We have to work together to bring them down. It's time for everyone to embrace the change and work together.
Next up was Dauner:
We want to maintain a living wage for healthcare workers. But costs keep rising. We can't keep this up.
While the Bosses cried “We ain’t got no money" and "The sky is falling," not a single SEIU-UHW official or board member uttered a peep about ballooning corporate profits and skyrocketing executive salaries. 

Kaiser's Greg Adams
... including Dignity's $776 million in profits during the first nine months of its fiscal year. Or Kaiser's $2.1 billion in profits during the first six months of 2014. Or Greg Adams $2.2 million in pay plus nine pension plans.

After completing his polyamorous sex act with the four execs, Regan dried the beads of sweat from his brow and presented a motion to SEIU-UHW’s Executive Board to transfer $10 million of the union's dues dollars to a joint CHA-SEIU political fund. 

The union's board -- with more than 20% of its elected positions currently vacant -- dutifully consented.

The next day, Regan told the workers that the fatcat execs had been "very impressed with the professionalism of the Executive Board.” That's not quite the term Tasty would use. 

So why are workers giving $10 million to the hospital industry's Chamber of Commerce?

It's all part of Regan's partnership deal with the industry. Under the deal, Regan committed to use SEIU’s political power to win $15 billion a year of new government funding to fatten hospital corporations’ bottom line. In exchange, the corporations will push as many as 60,000 hospital workers into SEIU-UHW, which has agreed to force these unsuspecting workers into pre-negotiated labor contracts with rock-bottom wages and benefits… as well as gag clauses that block the workers and SEIU-UHW from criticizing the companies for bad patient care or excessive profits.

It's a deal with the devil. In fact, it's so despicable that Regan refuses to show a copy to SEIU-UHW’s own Executive Board! When board members ask for one, Regan and Co. reportedly rebuff the workers, saying: "We don't want NUHW to get ahold of a copy."
Dignity's Wade Rose

What's next for Regan's love affair with the top-hatted paramours?

Regan has invited Dauner and a crew of hospital CEOs to attend SEIU-UHW’s upcoming "Leadership Assembly," an annual meeting of rank-and-file members.

And that's not all! 

Regan will attempt to expand his polyamorous sex act by inviting top CEOs from California's nursing home corporations to attend. Stay tuned!