Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kaiser's Cynthia Telles Puts 5,000 Square-Foot House Up for Sale

Has Kaiser's Cynthia Telles decided to pull up the stakes and head for the hills?

Telles, one of the members of Kaiser Permanente's vastly overpaid Board of Directors, is selling her 4,670 square-foot house in Sherman Oaks, a pricey Los Angeles suburb. 5 Bedrooms. 6 Baths. Brazilian mahogany floors. 4-car garage.

Check out this pic of her dining room. (More pics below.)

By all accounts, it's been a difficult few months for Telles.

Cynthia also happens to sit on the Board of Directors of scandal-plagued General Motors, which faces at least $35 million in government fines and multiple class-action lawsuits for illegally covering up defects in its cars that contributed to the deaths of at least 13 people.

GM pays Telles $200,000 a year to sit on its board. However, the ongoing revelations about the scandal appear to be too much for Telles, who recently announced that she plans to resign her seat.

At Kaiser, Telles pockets another $226,000 a year for attending just six board meetings a year. (The 1% really struggles, right?) At Kaiser, Telles has been under fire for being MIA during the ongoing crisis gripping Kaiser's mental health services.

Telles -- a psychologist -- is the only member of Kaiser's board with any mental health training. Nonetheless, she refuses to meet with Kaiser's own psychologists to discuss the crisis at Kaiser... which has already resulted in a $4 million fine by government investigators, three class-action action lawsuits by patients, multiple suicides linked to Kaiser's delayed care, and a call for a criminal investigation into Kaiser's falsification of appointment records.

Telles at Airport Commission
Recently, Kaiser caregivers spoke at a meeting of the Los Angeles Airport Commission (yup, Cynthia also sits on that board) and asked her why she failed to answer any of the 100+ personal letters from Kaiser mental health therapists -- which NUHW ultimately posted on a website called

Last week, Northern California’s East Bay Express blasted Kaiser in a front-page article called "Deadly Delays," which describes suicides connected to Kaiser's deliberate delays in providing mental health care to its patients.

So why has Telles decided to put her colossal crib up for sale? 

Perhaps she's planning to downgrade to a 300,000 square-foot pied a terre now that she'll be missing that yearly $200K check from GM.

If Cynthia needs any relocation advice, I'm sure Tasty's readers would have plenty of creative ideas.

Here are more pics of Cynthia's house... in case you're in the market.