Friday, June 19, 2015

Breaking: SEIU-UHW and California Hospital Association Are Busted as Secret Deal Is Outed

Remember Dave Regan's secret deal with the California Hospital Association?

Regan signed this so-called "21st Century" deal with hospital executives more than a year ago, but he's refused to show a copy to SEIU-UHW's membership, Executive Board, staff, or the public.

Now, we know why.

NUHW got ahold of a copy and posted it on its website!

It turns out that Diamond Dave did lots of wheeling and dealing when he met with his pin-striped pals in the executive suites of California hospital corporations.

Regan, for example, proposed to permanently ban SEIU-UHW members from conducting strikes, according to the records. And he agreed to allow hospital corporations to "flex" workers by requiring them to take on more work.

He also signed a far-reaching "gag clause" that blocks SEIU-UHW and its members from reporting patient-care violations to health inspectors and other government oversight agencies. (Hmmm... so much for SEIU’s claims to stand up for patients and the public.)
CHA's Duane Dauner
According to NUHW, Regan’s gag clause violates workers' rights… along with four California laws. Yesterday, NUHW filed a complaint with the California Attorney General to block the hospitals and Regan from implementing illegal gag clauses. 

NUHW's complaint (posted below) contains nearly 100 pages of internal records including e-mails, meeting agendas, minutes, plaintive letters from Diamond Dave to hospital CEOs, and details of Kaiser Permanente's involvement in the dirty deal, including that of Kaiser exec Greg Adams.

NUHW's complaint takes Kaiser to task for negotiating and signing the deal just months after it was fined $4 million by state investigators for violating multiple mental health laws, including falsifying patients' appointment records and forcing patients to endure lengthy, illegal waits for appointments... which are reportedly connected to multiple suicides.

That's not all.

According to a copy of the CHA deal, Regan also agreed to prohibit SEIU-UHW from "pursuing, sponsoring or supporting any legislation, initiative, regulatory, or other efforts that are adverse to the interests" of hospital corporations.

And Regan agreed to prohibit SEIU-UHW from engaging in any "Anti-Employer Activities," which are defined in a lengthy paragraph of lawyerly text.

SEIU's Regan tossed patients under the bus.
Regan also agreed to ban SEIU-UHW from issuing any communications (e.g., press releases, leaflets, letters, website posts, letters to the editor, etc.) that "raise concerns about hospital pricing and executive compensation in health care."

Remember… just months ago, Regan stood at podiums, surrounded by patients, and criticized hospital corporations for charging patients $21 for an aspirin. 

It turns out that was pure theater... and the patients were mere pawns in Diamond Dave's game. Soon thereafter, Regan tossed California's patients under the bus in order to expedite his backroom deal with hospital CEOs and the CHA's CEO Duane Dauner.

Stay tuned. More details will follow as Tasty digests the trove of documents released by NUHW. Here's NUHW’s complaint along with the 100 pages of exhibits.