Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Breaking: SEIU's Dave Regan Makes CBS Headline News for Assaulting Hospital Association's Process Server and Intimidating Cop

CBS Channel 5 News Footage
Last night, CBS News kicked off its evening newscast in San Francisco with the following lead story: "Union Vice President Accused of Assaulting Process Server Outside Kensington Home, Intimidating Cop."

This morning, Politico picked up the story in its "Morning Shift" publication with a piece entitled: "SEIU VP Accused of Assault."

Regan, who is the President of SEIU-UHW, also serves as a Vice President of SEIU International, based in Washington DC. In recent weeks, he reportedly broke the arm of a process server who was attempting to deliver court documents, authored by the California Hospital Association, to Regan's home in Kensington, Calif.

Here's a print version of the CBS New story:
Union Vice President Accused of Assaulting Process Server Outside Kensington Home, Intimidating Cop
February 16, 2016 5:30 PM
By Emily Turner
KENSINGTON (CBS SF) — The vice president of a union representing two million members has been accused of assaulting a process server at his Kensington home, and intimidating a police officer investigating the incident.
Dave Regan is accused of pushing a process server down the steps of his Kensington home, refusing to be served legal documents in a dispute with the California Hospital Association.
Police say the server was injured and had to have medical treatment.
When police got to Regan’s home, they say he was aggressive and tried to intimidate the officer.
Kensington police Chief Kevin Hart says the case is now headed to the District Attorney’s office.
“There may be video that we are trying to obtain to get a better idea before we turn that all over to the DA,” Kensington Police Chief Kevin Hart said.
Regan is a union heavyweight.
He is president of the SEIU’s-United Healthcare Workers West, which represents more than 150,000 workers in California, and he’s a vice president of the larger SEIU, which has two million members.
 He is known in union circles for his sometimes combative behavior, with one union blog going so far to call him an SEIU thug.
 In 2008, Regan was at a now notorious labor meeting in Michigan that erupted into violence. In 1995, police in Ohio arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Tasty doesn't yet have video footage of the TV story, but will post it as soon as he does. 
SEIU's assault on Labor Notes

It reportedly includes an interview with the Chief of the Kensington Police Department, a statement from Regan's attorney, discussion of Regan's 2008 violent assault on the Labor Notes Conference, and Regan's 1995 arrest in Ohio for "disorderly conduct."

Intriguingly, the police are now looking for video footage of Regan's alleged assault in Kensington. Tasty's hunch is that Regan’s neighbors have security cameras on their homes, which may have recorded the incident. Kensington is a high-priced residential enclave with a median home price of $1.1 million.

The emerging details of Regan's "Kensington assault" put into sharper focus his history of intimidation, bullying and violence… as well as top SEIU officials' support of Regan's "old school ways."

This history is well-known to insiders, and is even spelled out in a lawsuit that alleges that Regan and other top SEIU officials -- including President Mary Kay Henry and President Emeritus Andy Stern -- violated two California civil rights statutes by carrying out a plan of assault, battery, intimidation, threats and coercion in an effort to silence SEIU's critics.

The suit, filed in 2011, is now heading towards a trial date in San Francisco Superior Court.

It was filed by multiple rank-and-file members of SEIU-UHW, two of whom faced death threats after voicing criticism of Regan and SEIU. Other plaintiffs include elected leaders of NUHW, including Sal Rosselli, who were ousted from SEIU in 2009 after criticizing SEIU leaders' backroom deals with employers and SEIU's undemocratic internal practices.

The lawsuit includes gritty details of the retaliation faced by SEIU's critics, including 25 paragraphs alleging "specific acts of assault, battery, intimidation, threat and coercion directed at plaintiffs and other NUHW supporters by persons purportedly affiliated with the SEIU."

More to follow.