Friday, February 5, 2016

More Implosions Hit SEIU-UHW Dave Regan's Secret Deal with the California Hospital Association... and Expose Hidden Documents

More ear-splitting implosions are rocking Dave Regan's "groundbreaking" partnership with the California Hospital Association… quickly transforming it into a pile of twisted, smoking rubble.

Here's what's happening.

In recent weeks, the CHA has filed two counter-lawsuits against SEIU-UHW in response to Regan's November 2015 lawsuit against the CHA.

One of the CHA's suits -- filed last week -- says SEIU-UHW's original lawsuit should be tossed out because Regan, in his secret deal with the CHA, signed an "arbitration clause" that prohibits him from taking disputes to the courts. It also asserts that Regan violated the deal's "gag clause," which SEIU-UHW famously denied even existed.

So, in a stroke of poetic justice, the CHA has been forced to hand over a copy of Regan's secret deal in order to prove its case! A source snatched copies from the court and sent them to Tasty.

For nearly two years, Regan has stubbornly refused to allow journalists and the public to even catch a glimpse of the deal. In fact, he refused to show it to SEIU-UHW's members and even its "Executive Board," the union's top governing body.

Last year, NUHW filed a complaint with California Attorney General Kamala Harris over Regan's gag clause. That complaint was based on an unsigned version of the deal that was leaked to NUHW. At the time of the complaint, SEIU-UHW officials vigorously challenged the authenticity of the unsigned version.

Now… we have a SIGNED version of the deal with Dave's "John Henry" at the bottom! (See a full copy below.)

The CHA lawsuit also contains a trove of previously unseen documents…  including a one-page "Side Letter" signed by Regan and the CHA's Duane Dauner on May 5, 2014.

The documents detail the deal's corrupt "money-for-members" quid pro quo in which Regan agreed to deliver $6 billion in public Medicaid funds to hospital CEOs in exchange for the right to unionize 60,000 California hospital workers without employer opposition.  

Regan agreed to force the newly unionized workers into cheap, pre-negotiated labor contracts with substandard wages and benefits, a gag clause, and a ban on strikes.

Regan’s newly outed "Side Letter" also details the creation of a $100 million political slush fund -- using $20 million of SEIU-UHW members' dues money -- to help hospital CEOs boost their profits at taxpayer expense. 

Here are the two documents. More to follow in the days ahead.