Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mary Kay Henry suspends SEIU Exec. VP Scott Courtney

More palace intrigue from inside SEIU’s DC headquarters.

Yesterday, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry suspended Scott Courtney, an SEIU Executive Vice President who leads SEIU’s “Fight for 15” campaign.

The news comes from Bloomberg BNA reporter Josh Eidelson, who cites an internal e-mail sent yesterday by Mary Kay Henry (Josh Eidelson, “Fight for 15 architects suspended by Service Employees Union,” Bloomberg BNA).

According to Eidelson, Henry yesterday informed SEIU executive board members that she was suspending Courtney “from all of his duties as an officer of the international union.” “During that time I will be handling all duties previously assigned to him with my officer team.”

Here’s a tweet about Eidelson’s article:

Just 13 days before his suspension, Courtney was in Ireland where he spoke at a biennial conference of the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU), which represents over 200,000 workers in Ireland. Here’s a tweet from SIPTU with a pic of Courtney on the stage:

More to come.