Thursday, October 26, 2017

SEIU staffer: 'My firing was unjustified'

Here’s the latest.

It looks like SEIU’s Caleb Jennings -- who worked closely with SEIU EVP Scott Courtney -- may fight his firing by Mary Kay Henry. Jennings calls the firing “unjustified” in comments to the Chicago Sun-Times.

What about the problems of harassment inside SEIU?

Jennings points the finger at SEIU and its top officials for “the systemic abuse that has been going on within the institution.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article. (Stefano Esposito and Mitchell Armentrout, “Union organizer fired from ‘Fight for 15’ minimum wage group,” Chicago Sun-Times)
“I support the ongoing investigations and I’m against any workplace sexual misconduct and abuse,” Jennings said in an email. “My hope is that SEIU focuses on the systemic abuse that has been going on within the institution, rather than focusing on their public relations damage control. My employment was severed with SEIU without cause, was unjustified, and I am exploring all my options.”

In response to Jennings' comments, an SEIU spokeswoman said the union “can’t comment on HR-related matters, or any details regarding our ongoing internal investigation,” according to the Sun-Times.