Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some workers get to vote...All of them reject SEIU.

While the trusteeship of UHW and the war with UniteHere has almost totally derailed SEIU's organizing program there is still one place where organizers have enough time to try to recruit new members instead of begging or harassing workers to stay in SEIU: California's primer Long Term Care worker's union (aka Tyrone Freeman's cash cow)SEIU Local 6434. Lucky workers!

Sadly, the staff don't have the skills to help workers build a union and beat back the boss...For example a recent election at Sunny View Care Center in Los Angeles:

28 NO

(hint to those health care workers at Sunny View:

Maybe the staff are too focused on THEIR internal union election!

That is right, since Tyrone and his cronies have split, the Trustees have failed to befriend the staff. And thus the staff of 6434 "Homecare Workers Training Center" and "California United Homecare Workers" have filed for an election with CWA9000.

Wonder if that election will be blocked too? 6434 staff: email me so you can share your stories about life inside your workplace!

All of this information is available at your local NLRB, the government agency both SEIU and the Boss are using to keep workers in line!