Friday, April 23, 2010

From Bad to Worse for SEIU...NUHW Wins Again.

This week, elections were held in 3 facilities where SEIU had selectively dropped its blocking charges because it felt it could easily win elections against NUHW. After Wednesday's election results (SEIU lost one election and the second one is still too close to call), SEIU officials apparently saw the writing on the wall and tried to stop the third election.

On Wednesday, SEIU's attorneys filed new NLRB blocking charges to stop the election from taking place. The NLRB rejected that effort, so today -- as workers at a San Francisco nursing home (Convalescent Center Mission Street) were voting -- SEIU sent its high-priced attorneys back to the NLRB's DC office and demanded that workers' ballots be impounded. Well, Tasty hears that the NLRB just rejected that demand as well, and the ballots will be counted this afternoon in San Francisco.

Doesn't look too good for SEIU if it can't even win in its cherry-picked facilities where workers have been flooded with SEIU staff, glossy mailers and phone calls! Tasty hears that at the San Francisco nursing home, SEIU has had 4 organizers (including Oriana Saportas) sitting in workers' break room for months, while NUHW volunteer staff are not even permitted inside the facility.

So, how does it end? NUHW wins by a mile.

Here is the vote count:

1 no union