Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kaiser Election Aftermath...

So, readers and friends...NUHW lost to SEIU in the Kaiser election. NUHW filed objections to that election because of violations of the NLRA including Kaiser illegally helping SEIU and Kaiser withholding raises from NUHW members to influence the voters in this election (in other words-- the missing 2% raises from the SoCal pros.)

And Tasty has been hearing from readers with complaints about the this one:

Tasty - I read the charges that NUHW filed last week against Kaiser and SEIU. But they forgot something important. Its true SEIU lied to Kaiser workers and told us we'd lose all our pay and benefits if we voted for NUHW. But SEIU had a special campaign to lie to immigrants. Why? Because many immigrants don't know how the laws work in this country. I know a guy from Mexico who works in dietary in my hospital. SEIU went to his house and told him "You got kids, right? And they get medical insurance from your job, right? If NUHW wins, your kids will lose their insurance." Another woman from Mexico, she works in EVS. SEIU went to her house 5 times one day and told her she will lose her pension if NUHW wins. She told me "I'm getting old. I can't lose my pension." I asked around, and in departments where theres just 1 or 2 Latinos, they were the only ones that SEIU visited in their houses. SEIU lied to all the workers, but they made a special focus to lie to immigrants. I hear that SEIU did the same thing to homecare workers in Fresno. Is that right? Isn't this kind of racial profiling illegal? For me, it is the most despicible thing to bully people who are the most vulnerable. Can the goverment investigate this? We need to let the world know what SEIU did here.