Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scott Courtney's Tropical Paradise

Remember Scott Courtney? He is currently the highest paid staff member (not elected official) at SEIU making $ 204,750 in '09. That's a lotta paper, but Tasty is sure that Scott is great at his gig as Organizing Director and is very committed to conserving dues. Or...maybe not? It seems that Scott has left DC and has relocated with his lady friend (and subordinate employee) Joyce Moscato to Clearwater, Florida. Must be so silly for them to live down there, when they have to fly all over the place! Scott must need every penny of the 200g to pay for all his personal flights---unless... Oh, yes. Scott makes the staff fly down to him! At his house! Hundreds of miles from the office in DC! In fact, sources say that Scott had a 3 day meeting (on very short notice) at his place in November where attendees included staff members from "Scott's inner circle and other people, mainly researchers, a lot of them people who work in DC." Tasty hope those staffers really like Palm Trees...because Scott seems to hate the fancy office in DC that SEIU's members bought for him.