Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Truth Ruins Mary Kay Henry’s Feature Article in the NY Times

Tasty can imagine the scene… An excited SEIU President Mary Kay Henry grips her steaming soy latte and spreads out the Sunday edition of the New York Times so she can read a lengthy article that’s supposed to feature a sparkling profile of her. Super peachy keen!

Her eyes quickly scan the article and come to a sudden stop. Her jaw drops. WTF! The truth has finally caught up to her… like a dog that’s been chasing her for two years. And it catches Mary Kay right in the middle of her feature story in the New York Times!

And ya know what? This episode isn’t a figment of Tasty’s imagination. It actually took place on Sunday, when Mary Kay Henry’s airbrushed image was forced to confront just a little piece of the truth about the thuggish tactics she’s unleashed on SEIU’s members... Like the time she called the cops on an SEIU-UHW member simply because he wanted to attend his own union’s steward council meeting. Fortunately, the police refused to arrest the worker for the crime of “Attempting to Attend a Union Meeting.”

Here’s how the New York Times described it, ever so briefly, on Sunday:
“It got ugly, and Mary Kay was part of that episode,” said Mr. Brenner, the Labor Notes editor, and another Stern critic. At one union meeting in Walnut Creek, Calif., Ms. Henry called police to try and eject a dissident union member, but the officers left without doing so, Mr. Early wrote in “The Civil Wars.”

Tasty is hoping the reporter will describe more of MKH’s infamous episodes… like the time when she locked an elected bargaining committee of rank-and-file nursing home workers out of their own contract negotiations so that SEIU officials could ink a sell-out contract with their boss. During this episode in Oakland, California, the media covered the locked-out workers who chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, Mary Kay has got to go.”

Well, Tasty hears that Mary Kay better watch out cuz that dog named “Truth” is gonna be chomping on her heels for a long time to come!

P.S. Check out this article by author Steve Early in The Nation about workers' battle with Kaiser Permanente. The article includes a revealing quote from Kaiser spokesperson John Nelson, who hints at SEIU’s back-room deal with Kaiser to slash workers’ pensions and health benefits. In the article, Nelson says Kaiser is merely trying “to find ways to contain costs in partnership with our unions. Both management and labor have a stake in the financial challenges we face and meeting rising health care costs and costs of pension benefits.”  Look out, Kaiser workers! Tasty smells a giant purple rat!