Monday, August 26, 2013

More California Workers Bolt SEIU-UHW

Caregivers at Corizon Prison Health Services (PHS) in the San Francisco Bay Area have filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to dump SEIU-UHW and join the NUHW. 

The workers -- who include registered nurses, social workers, licensed vocational nurses and others -- provide care inside Alameda County's prison system and are employed by a for-profit company.

According to NUHW, the decertification petition was signed by over 80% of the workers in the bargaining unit. An RN with more than 25 years at the facility explained why Corizon PHS workers want out of SEIU-UHW.

“In our last contract negotiations, SEIU-UHW allowed our employer to impose huge cutbacks in health insurance, and then after the contract was settled their reps were nowhere to be found.  Calls to the union go unreturned, union representatives are unresponsive and management is never challenged even when they violate the terms of our contract.”