Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sources: Turmoil Grips SEIU-UHW as $1.5M Goes Missing

Sources describe a chaotic scene inside SEIU UHW’s education and training fund amid reports that “$1.5 million has gone missing.”   

According to Tasty's sources, recent weeks have seen the firing of staffers, the freezing of various accounts, and an influx of outsiders who are busily reviewing the organization's books. Last week, the fund’s Director of Finance, Victor Madamba, was suddenly removed from his job.

The SEIU-UHW Education and Training Fund is a nonprofit organization with an annual budget of more than $10 million. Its revenues come from government agencies and healthcare corporations like Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health and Sutter Health.

The fund is supposed to train workers to take jobs in the healthcare industry. But since taking control of the fund, SEIU’s Dave Regan has tried to use the fund to advance his personal interests.

In recent years, Regan and SEIU-UHW staffer Triana Silton directed the fund's staff to campaign on behalf of SEIU-UHW during the giant NLRB elections at Kaiser Permanente, which is a blatant violation of the nonprofit organization's independent status and federal law.

Two of Kaiser's execs sit on the fund's Board of Directors: Arlene Peasnall (VP of Human Resources) and Jim Simpson (Senior VP of Business Units outside of California). SEIU-UHW’s Triana Silton also sits on the board, where she's been joined by a “who’s who” of Regan’s best buddies, including Joe Simoes, Hal Ruddick and Myriam Escamilla.

The missing $1.5 million is just the latest scandal to mark Regan’s tenure at SEIU-UHW. Stay tuned for more news!