Sunday, July 6, 2014

SEIU’s Andy Stern and Anna Burger Revive Their Alliance

Stern and Burger
Strap on your errr... seatbelts. 

Sources report that Andy Stern and Anna Burger have revived their infamous alliance. But this time… all of their partnership activities are taking place between the sheets!

(Note to readers: Tasty apologizes for any unsettling imagery evoked by this reporting.)

The duo's romantic liaison is widely discussed inside SEIU circles, say sources.

In fact, it's long been rumored that Stern and Burger carried on a secret love affair while they ruled the Purple Palace. Stern, Burger and their families shared a summer vacation home on the Jersey Shore.

Stern and Hamsher
Near the end of his term as SEIU’s President, according to Politico, Stern had a two-year romantic relationship with Firedoglake blogger Jane Hamsher

Hamsher is described as a “botox liberal” who’s defiantly crossed the picket lines of fellow writers and journalists.

An intimate moment on the "love bus"
In April of 2010, when Stern resigned as SEIU's President, he famously announced: ‘I'm ready to fall in love.’

Tasty ain’t quite sure if his carnal coalition with Anna fits the bill. 

Whatever the case, it confirms many observers' views that SEIU is closer to a Mexican telenovela than an actual labor union.