Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Where is she now? Rebecca Malberg

SEIU's Rebecca Malberg
Remember Rebecca Malberg

In 2009, she was one of the East Coasters who parachuted into California with Dave Regan and served as a "Deputy Trustee” during SEIU’s infamous trusteeship of SEIU-UHW.  

Malberg -- who’s never been known as the sharpest knife in the drawer -- was rewarded for her blind loyalty to Regan with a seat on SEIU-UHW’s Executive Committee and a $150,000-a-year salary.

In a surprise move, Malberg recently announced she was jumping off Regan’s purple ship for a consulting gig.

Readers may recall Malberg for her role in the infamous Fresno homecare election. Back in mid-2009, she helped direct SEIU’s campaign of threats and lies against Fresno's homecare workers -- which included instructing SEIU organizers to threaten undocumented homecare workers with deportation unless they voted for SEIU.

In an earlier post, one of SEIU’s remorseful shocktroopers described Malberg’s role this way:
i am ashamed to say that i campaigned for seiu-uhw in fresno in 2009, and seiu-uhw staff - led by rebecca malberg, debbie schneider, greg pullman instructed other locals' staff and members to lie to fresno homecare workers.  we told them they would lose their benefits if they voted for nuhw.  We told them they would lose everything - their retirement, their health insurance, their voice.  it was so despicable, and unethical.  seiu-uhw "leaders" lied not only to the fresno workers, but the hundreds of rank and file leaders and staff from locals around the country who were organized or were dispatched to help. we stalked these fresno homecare workers for weeks... it was sickening, and i am sorry to have participated in such an illegal act of bullying and lies.
Where is Malberg now?

She recently took a job at a consulting firm called Harbage Consulting, which is headquartered in California's state capitol. The firm does political consulting; past clients include Arnold "The Terminator" Schwarzenegger. Harbage also consults with private and public-sector clients "with a focus on increasing value in healthcare delivery," according to the firm's website.
A Fresno homecare worker who was intimidated by SEIU

For any clients who are considering hiring Malberg, you might want to check out these reports -- including the conclusions of a government investigation -- about her role in SEIU’s campaign of threats, intimidation and ballot tampering aimed at pressuring low-wage homecare workers to vote for SEIU in an election.

The reports speak volumes about Malberg’s integrity and moral principles. After all… what kind of person would threaten low-wage immigrant homecare workers with deportation in order to win a vote?