Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SEIU-UHW's Magical Mystery Bus Ride to Boss's Rally

Today, SEIU-UHW is trying to mobilize workers to attend a rally in Sacramento to lobby for billions more dollars for California's already-profitable hospital corporations, as Tasty reported in an earlier post. It’s part of Dave Regan’s deal with the California Hospital Association, which is the "Chamber of Commerce" of the hospital industry.

Sources say that SEIU-UHW has been having a tough time getting workers to sign up for the rally. Here's a picture from Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center this morning, where a total of 5 people reportedly got on SEIU-UHW’s bus.

Remember… so few people turned out despite the fact that SEIU-UHW is working hand-in-hand with hospital managers to excuse workers from their shifts so they can attend the rally.

So how will SEIU-UHW turn out enough people? Sources said the union is relying on low-paid public-sector home care workers, whom SEIU-UHW is paying to attend the rally.

At Kaiser Permanente, SEIU-UHW postponed the beginning of its final bargaining session (which was supposed to begin today) and sent out shamelessly dishonest messages to workers to try to get them to attend the rally. Basically, SEIU-UHW is telling its members that the best way for workers to "show their strength" to Kaiser at the bargaining table is to "get on the bus” to rally with the California Hospital Association. Here's the message:

It’s crunch time to win our new national agreement We’re making good progress in bargaining and believe we can reach a new National Agreement by the end of our next bargaining session. The discussion groups are close to finishing on key issues and we’re now moving into the economics, including our pay and benefits.
We want to win on all our bargaining priorities, right? We need to show Kaiser all SEIU-UHW members are united to win, and here are two ways to do it:
Sticker up! Each facility will have a sticker up day before our next bargaining session. We all need to wear our stickers.
Get on the bus to Sacramento on June 2 to call on the governor and legislators to fully fund Medi-Cal…  June 2 is the day before our last bargaining session; we have a great opportunity to show our strength as we head to the bargaining table.
YES, I'm Getting on the Bus!
It’s time to step up to win a great new national agreement at Kaiser, and to improve healthcare for all Californians. In unity, Your 2015 Kaiser National Bargaining Team

Pathetic, right?

Stay tuned for the inevitable SEIU-UHW e-mail announcing that 5,000 hospital workers descended on Sacramento to show their unbreakable unity and strength for, uhh, the California Hospital Association and its business priorities!