Thursday, November 19, 2009

First a Chicken Picket, Then an Egg Picket....Now a Pizza Picket.

On November 18th, SEIU UHW brought 45 large pizzas and dozens of paid SEIU staff to their sham picket at Sutter's Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. The problem is, almost no actual ABSMC workers showed up.

The picket was supposed to be part of SEIU UHW’s fake contract campaign but ABSMC workers, who are used to having hundreds of co-workers (not paid SEIU Staff) at their pickets, rejected SEIU’s attempt use them as cover while they bargain their contract behind their backs.

In fact, the picket - which never involved more than 12 workers at a time, was so bad that reported Sutter campaign leader and famous sell out Scott Washburn left after less than an hour, presumably to go back to the office and tell stories about when he used to be a real union organizer.

What happened to all the leftover pizza? Even though over 800 members work at the Summit campus of ABSMC, SEIU literally couldn't give their pizza away. Witnesses reported seeing paid SEIU staff walking back to their cars with 2 or 3 boxes each, but even after taking care of themselves SEIU staff had enough to give to Sutter's security guards.

Which food will star next in SEIU's food fight with it's own members?

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