Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remember when Andy Stern always used to say "The definition of insantity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"

Nearly a year ago, SEIU, acting as the Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board of UniteHere, physically took over the HQ of UniteHere Local 24 in Detroit.

To refresh your memory, watch this video of rank and file members of Local 24.

And nearly a year later...

Local 24 won by a 16-4 vote in an NLRB election on a petition filed by SEIU to displace Local 24 in the food and beverage unit at the Northville Downs race track. Local 24 was one of SEIU's first targets, when they stormed Local 24's office last January, threw out the elected officers and shop stewards, and trashed Local 24's leaders.

The members and activists of Local 24 have fought back with overwhelming success, recapturing their office and squashing SEIU's raid attempts. SEIU has sought worker support in every Local 24 shop.

They reached the stage of filing NLRB petitions against Local 24 in three shops. In two of them, an airport concessions unit and the Detroit Athletic Club, SEIU withdrew a couple of days before the election, realizing they would lose. In Northville Downs, SEIU proceeded with the election, and Local 24 won a resounding victory.

Congratulations to all the members, activists, officers and staff of Local 24!

How many elections has SEIU lost to UniteHere so far?
When will they learn the lesson?
When will they stop the insanity?

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